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Strategy Objectives and Task of RTTEMA as the Research Institution

Strategy tasks (2009.-2019.)

  1. Improvement of the scientific research at the RTTEMA.
  2. Implementation of the financial support for doctoral students.
  3. Increase number of associate professors and professors.
  4. Development of scientific research institutions.
  5. Increase number, quality and applicability of the applied, fundamental and international projects.
  6. Implementation of the scientific project outcomes in study programs at the RTTEMA.
  7. Promote and support international artistic creative projects.
  8. Development of motivation system to promote scientific activities of academic and research staff at the RTTEMA.
  9. Promote national and international collaboration increasing development of scientific projects to ensure mobility in higher education in Europe and worldwide.
  10. Promotion of international competitiveness to improve international collaboration in science development.
  11. Maintenance of the professor council in pedagogy.
  12. Publish scientific journals.
  13. Publish scientific conference proceedings.
  14. Active scientific involvement of students in Europe and worldwide.
  15. Systematic organization of scientific conferences.
  16. Assessment of academic and scientific personnel according their research outcomes.
  17. Improvement of research staff mobility. 
  18. Informing society in Latvia about outcomes of the scientific activities.
  19. Active participation of the RTTEMA in problem solution of the education and cultural aspects. 
  20. Increase number of scientific publications in international peer reviewed scientific journals.
  21. Participation of the academic staff in international professional organizations, conferences and science councils.
  22. Regular supplementation of the library sources with printed scientific materials.
  23. Implementation of innovative technologies in the scientific and study process.
  24. Maintenance and development of the RTTEMA library catalog.
  25. Data base maintenance of the scientific personnel at the RTTEMA, elimination of any type of plagiarism.
  26. Improvement the on-line search of scientific publications.
  27. Promotion of mobility of the scientific, academic and study program personnel through international project programs.
  28. Involvement of visiting professors in study process of the RTTEMA.
  29. Preparation and development of international study programs and courses.
  30. Development of international summer schools offering different study courses in foreign languages.
  31. Development of the international study programs.
  32. Experience exchange in academic, scientific, artistic and administrative area.
  33. Participation in international scientific and academic professional organizations.
  34. Accessibility of information in international language to promote student - friendly environment for foreign students.

Long-Term Scientific objectives (2013 -2019).

  1. Increase academic personal with doctoral degree up to 65% of elected staff.
  2. Development and maintenance of professor councils.
  3. Development and maintenance of promotion committees.
  4. Continuous function of the academic personnel and Latvian Scientific Council experts’ activity.  
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