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RTTEMA Female Choir "Balta"



Female choir BALTA – laureate of international choir competitions – is founded in 1999. Founder, artistic director and conductor of choir is professor Māra Marnauza. Choirmaster – Andris Pundurs, pianist – Laimrota Kriumane. Students and graduates are the members of the choir.
Choir BALTA has been renowned for the great success in international competitions in Latvia since the founding –

  • 2013 – GRAND PRIX, 1st prize, An award for the best performance of the obligatory piecein the choir competition of the XXV Latvian Song and dance festival,
  • 2008 – 3rd prize in the Female choir category in the choir competition of the XXIV Latvian Song and dance festival,
  • 2003 – An award for the most attractive performance in the choir competition of the XXIII Latvian Song and dance festival.

Choir BALTA has participated with a great success in international competitions abroad –  

  • 2011 – 2 Golden medals in the 2nd grand prix of Choral Music Graz, Austria,
  • 2009 – 1st prize in the XIX International Sacral Music Competition “Music Festivale in Namestovo”, Slovakia,
  • 2005 – Grand prix in X International Choir Competition in Budapest, Hungary,
  • 2002 – 1st prize in the Female choir category, 3rd prize in the Folk music category, Award for the performance of J.Tamulionis „Jūra” in XVII International competition for Universities’ choirs in Pardubice, Czech Republic,
  • 2000 – 3rd prize in the International choir competition of Franz Schubert in Vienna, Austria,
  • 1999 – 3rd prize in XII International S. Šimkus choir competition in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Choir has improved vocal and artistic master hood in several master-classes of famous conductors such as English conductor and composer Bob Chilcot and Czech conductor Alexander Vacek, American composer and conductor Arthur Maud and German composer, conductor Prof. Christoph Schönherr, Norwegian conductor prof. Ragnar Rasmussen and Norwegian composer, organist and conductor Iver Kleive.
BALTA has successfully toured coming to the front and acquiring the acknowledgement from professional musicians and reviewers as well as from the public in Latvia and abroad (Germany, Norway, Austria, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, Italy etc.).
Since 1999 BALTA has taken part in all the Baltic Student Song and Dance Festivals GAUDEAMUS.
There are original pieces of Latvian classical and modern composers, Latvian folk music, music of various styles and periods by different world composers in repertoire of BALTA.
In the future BALTA is looking forward to new programmes, joining highly professional singing, stage choreography and direction.

Professor Māra Marnauza has graduated with a distinction the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian State Conservatory Choir Conducting Department (1987), conducting class of prof. Mendelis Bašs (1982–1987), earned pedagogical doctoral scientific degree in music pedagogy at the University of Latvia (2000).
M. Marnauza is the founder, conductor, and artistic director of the winners of international choir competitions – the chamber choir Fortius (1985) and the female choir BALTA (1999); a chief conductor at the Baltic States’ Student Song Festival Gaudeamus (1999; 2004; 2006; 2011), the Latvian Female and Male Choir Reunion (2007; 2012), and the XXV General Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival (2013).
M. Marnauza won the Best Conductor’s Award at the Emilis Melngailis Folk Music Competition (1999), and received the international jury’s Special Best Conductor’s Prize at the XIX International Sacred Choral Music Competition in N?mestovo (2009). She has been a jury member in the International Competition “Saint Petersburg in the Mirror of the World Music Culture” (2004, 2006).
She has gained recognition as a conductor in many choir festivals and competitions.
Most important publications:

  • Monograph: Māra Marnauza, Mendelis Bašs (2012). Diriģēšanas metodoloģija [Conducting methodology]. Rīga: Zinātne.
  • Recordings: CD, DVD – The Loving Ones (2012), Sparks of Jazz (2012), Mediatio Adventus (2011), Fragments of Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin (2010), songs by Latvian composer Edgars Samts (1909–1942) recorded in Latvia Radio (2009), Sparks of Light (2003), Upwards (2000), The Day is Dawning (1997).
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